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We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of certification services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your construction projects comply with all relevant regulations and standards.

From Development Application (DA) assessments to Construction Certificate (CC) approvals, Critical Stage Inspections, and Occupation Certificate (OC) issuances, we have you covered at every stage of the certification process. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and utilization of cutting-edge technology allow us to deliver efficient and reliable services that exceed your expectations.

Explore our range of services below and discover how CertOne can be your trusted partner for all your certification requirements.

Pre Complying Development Certificate Assessments

We can assess your project and determine if you are able to do it under Complying Development Certificate. 

You can read more about CDC's via the
NSW Planning Portal

Complying Development Certificates

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a combination of planning and construction approvals, generally for uncomplicated projects.  

If your proposed development complies with set development standards under State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP), it can be approved under a CDC.

Swimming Pool Compliance & Safety 

We specialise in all areas of Swimming Pool Compliance, including:

- Pool Barrier Inspections
- Pool Compliance Certificates (Section 22D)
- Pool Non-Compliance Certificates

BCA Compliance Reports

BCA Compliance reports outline any and all areas of non compliance in line with current provisions. 

Our team are experts in site audits, compliance documentation and clear communication throughout the entire process. 

Principal Certifier Services

Our Principal Certifier Services involve undertaking mandatory critical stage inspections throughout a development to ensure all standards and requirements are being met. 

It is also possible to replace your current Principal Certifier, you can learn more via the Fair Trading website.  

Compliance Consultations 

We offer compliance consultations to assist you in all areas of Building Certification and Compliance. 

Please note that this service is strictly offered for projects that CertOne is not the certifying authority. 

Technology Driven Inspections

At CertOne, we leverage advanced technologies like drones and thermal imaging cameras to revolutionize inspections. Our technology-driven approach ensures efficient and accurate assessments for our clients.

By utilizing drones, we can access hard-to-reach areas and capture high-resolution images and videos, providing comprehensive visual documentation. Additionally, our thermal imaging cameras enable us to detect hidden issues such as insulation gaps or electrical anomalies, enhancing the accuracy of our inspections. Embracing these innovative tools allows us to streamline the inspection process, eliminate paperwork, and provide faster, data-driven reporting.

ith CertOne, you can trust that our technology-driven inspections deliver precise and reliable results, ensuring compliance and quality for your project.

AAC #222222
AIBS #222222
BNI #222222 (1)
MBA #222222

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the process differ if a private certifier is involved rather than the council?

No, it doesn't. The same standards apply regardless of whether the application is determined by a private certifier or a council.

What happens if I book an inspection for a compliance certificate with a certifier and they find that my pool barrier doesn’t comply?

If an inspection reveals your pool barrier does not comply, the inspector will decide whether the pool poses a significant risk to the public or not. Should the barrier pose a significant risk to the public, the inspection report must be forwarded to the council immediately for further action and you as the homeowner must make the required repairs immediately.

Should the barrier not pose a significant risk to the public, you will have 6 weeks to make the relevant repairs, should this not be completed within the 6-week period, a copy of the report will be sent to council for further action.

How long does the CDC Process take?

Most development is affected by the requirements of Notify Neighbouring Properties. 

This consists of a 14 day pre-approval notification period, as well as a 7 day post approval, pre commencement period.

It is important to use this period to the best of your ability to get the relevant documentation and information in order with your certifier. 

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