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NSW Planning Portal Guides


Navigating the NSW Planning Portal can be tricky for beginners, and even those who have used the portal before. 

To help applicants to use the NSW Planning Portal, the NSW Government has compiled a comprehensive collection of resources.

The Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's) and Quick Reference Guide (QRG's) links below will assist you with using and navigating the NSW Planning Portal. 

You can view the full collection here, or you can find the guides below relevant to Building Certification.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that all below content is sourced directly from the NSW Planning Portal and may be subject to change without notice. To ensure all information is current, we recommend visiting the NSW Planning Portal website. 

Principal Certifiers

You can apply for a principal certifier appointment via the NSW Planning Portal using two different methods. Applicants can apply via a stand-alone application (consent application is outside of the Portal) or via an online development (DA) or online complying development certificate (CDC) application.

QRG: Submitting an Application to Appoint a Principal Certifier

Construction Certificates

In many council areas, you can apply online for a Construction Certificate via the NSW Planning Portal when lodging a development application. Here are some useful resources to help you through the process.

QRG: Submitting an Application for a
Construction Certificate

Complying Development Certificates (CDC)

It’s always best to check with your individual council before you begin a Complying Development certificate application for its requirements.

QRG: Submitting a Complying Development Certificate Application

FAQs: Complying Development Certificates

10.7 Certificates

In council areas where the online 10.7 Planning Certificate Service is available, applicants and councils can work together on requests for 10.7 Planning Certificates through shared digital dashboards.

QRG: Using the Online 10.7 Planning Certificate service 

Building Information Certificate (BIC)

Building Information Certificate application is to include an original or certified copy of a survey report and plan if it is related to residential zoned land.  For land situated in other zones, you may be required to provide a survey report. The survey report and plan must represent the property and buildings as existing at the time of lodging the application.  Additional information may also need to be provided (including building plans, specifications and certificates) to allow Council to assess the application.

QRG: Submit Building Information Certificate Application

Occupation Certificates

The issue of the final OC is the last step in the formal DA and construction process (though there could be ongoing ‘operational’ conditions such as maintaining appropriate noise levels or landscape maintenance).

QRG: Submitting an Application for an Occupation Certificate