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Expert Private Certifiers NSW

CertOne is a leading certification provider, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a client-centric approach to deliver efficient and reliable solutions for residential development projects

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Innovation meets Certification


CertOne brings expertise, efficiency, and excellence to any construction project. With our team of skilled certifiers and cutting-edge technology, we ensure seamless compliance with regulations, codes, and standards. 

From initial consultation to final approval, our streamlined process saves you time and keeps you informed every step of the way. With our tech-driven approach, we leverage innovative tools to enhance accuracy, speed up approvals, and provide real-time updates on projects. 

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Our Approach


At CertOne, we take a proactive and collaborative approach to Building Certification.

We work closely with clients, architects, builders, and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth and streamlined certification process. Our team of experienced and qualified certifiers combines their in-depth knowledge with the latest industry insights to provide you with expert guidance and support.

Services We Offer


  • Complying Development Certificates (CDC): Our streamlined CDC process enables fast-track approval for eligible developments, saving you time and effort while ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Construction Certificate (CC) Approval: Our certifiers review your construction plans, ensuring compliance with building codes, standards, and structural requirements.
  • Critical Stage Inspections: We conduct thorough inspections at key stages of your project to verify compliance with approved plans and applicable regulations.
  • Occupation Certificate (OC) Issuance: Upon successful completion of your project, we issue OC's to certify its compliance with all relevant standards.
  • Pool Compliance Certificates: We assist in ensuring your swimming pool and barrier meet the required safety standards and issue the necessary compliance certificates.
  • BCA Compliance Reports: Our detailed reports assess your building's compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), identifying any areas that require attention or improvement.
  • Compliance Consultations: Our team provides expert advice and consultations to help you navigate complex compliance requirements. This is a standalone service and is not offered for projects in which CertOne are the certifying authority.

Why Choose CertOne



Expertise + Experience

Our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals with extensive experience in building certification.


Personalised Service

We understand that each project is unique. That's why we provide tailored solutions and personalised attention to meet your specific needs.


We leverage advanced technology and software systems to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and provide real-time project updates.

Who We Are

CertOne is a team of quali
fied and experienced building certifiers who are passionate about the construction industry. We provide a range of services to ensure that all buildings are compliant with the relevant building regulations and codes of practice.

Our team of professionals can assess and certify all aspects of the building process, from initial design and planning through to completion. 

We are committed to providing a reliable and professional service that meets the highest standards.


Curtis Prior

Founder & Director
Registered Building Surveyor

Peter Web Team

Peter Schafer

Registered Building Surveyor

Fiona Web Team

Fiona Robinson

Administration & Customer Service

We Proudly Support and Sponsor


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The MonSTaR Foundation was formed in 2007 when three mates from Pennant Hills Golf Club decided to give something back. Hamish Pearce lost his wife to MND when she was just 33, Greg Hargreaves has a sister with special learning needs and Mark Golding had a disabled sister who died at a young age. Their experiences and passion drove them to believe that if they worked together with their collective networks they could make a difference.

The first MonSTaR Cup was held in 2007 and the MonSTaR Foundation has now raised over $4 million. The support from family and friends has been overwhelming.

You can support MonSTaR through attending or sponsoring the MonSTaR Cup, making a donation, offering a raffle or auction prize, running an event of your own or volunteering.

MonSTaR is a registered charity with full Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR). All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


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Brock Schafer is a fantastic, enthusiastic and very competitive young talent in the NSW motorsport scene. Brock competes in various categories within his motorsport career:

For many years, Brock competed in various local club events around NSW without any form of sponsorship. This resulted in Brock facing off with his competitors in quite uncompetitive equipment. Despite this, he managed a 70% podium finish rate, and he is a back-to-back silver medalist at the AKRA NSW State Titles in 2020 & 2021. 

Sim Racing
Brock has  won 6 Sports Sedan associated sim racing championships in the past 2 years and footage of his races have been viewed over 40,000 times. 

Sport Sedans
Brock has been a member of a Sport Sedan team for the last 14 years. Sports Sedans Benefit from current V8 Supercar drivers that compete in the series and live streamed events that attract interest across all of Australia. Brock’s Role with the Sports Sedan team is an official test driver, this allows him to drive the car on test days and help develop the car.

CertOne is very proud to be a platinum sponsor of the Master Builders Parramatta Cumberland Division. This sponsorship means that we attend monthly events and provide members with industry updates, best practices and Q&A's.

The Master Builders Association of NSW (Master Builders) is the leading building and construction industry association across the state. A not for profit organisation, it is chartered with representing and furthering the interests of the building and construction industry.

Master Builders provides representation and services to members and the industry in key areas such as industrial relations, workplace health and safety, legal and contracts, training and government regulation/legislation.

Master Builders was established in 1873, making it the oldest employer association in Australia. With 8000 members in NSW and 8 regional offices throughout the state, Master Builders is the only industry body that represents all sectors within the building and construction industry.


Technology Driven Inspections

At CertOne, we leverage advanced technologies like drones and thermal imaging cameras to revolutionize inspections. Our technology-driven approach ensures efficient and accurate assessments for our clients.

By utilizing drones, we can access hard-to-reach areas and capture high-resolution images and videos, providing comprehensive visual documentation. Additionally, our thermal imaging cameras enable us to detect hidden issues such as insulation gaps or electrical anomalies, enhancing the accuracy of our inspections. Embracing these innovative tools allows us to streamline the inspection process, eliminate paperwork, and provide faster, data-driven reporting.

ith CertOne, you can trust that our technology-driven inspections deliver precise and reliable results, ensuring compliance and quality for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions


At CertOne, our commitment is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our services, processes, and requirements. We want you to feel confident and empowered throughout your building experience. 

Can I choose my own Certifier?

Yes, you have the option to choose your own certifier instead of relying on the council or a recommended certifier. Private certifiers offer their services independently, allowing you to select a certifier of your choice.

Choosing your own certifier can offer certain advantages. You have the opportunity to find a certifier who aligns with your project's specific needs, timeline, and budget. You can also look for a certifier with expertise in the type of development you are undertaking, ensuring that they have the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.

What should I expect during a critical stage inspection?

During a critical stage inspection, the inspector will visit the construction site to assess the specific stage of the project. They will examine the work completed, check for compliance with building codes and approved plans, and may conduct tests or measurements if required. The inspector will document their findings and provide a report outlining any issues or areas of non-compliance.

How long does the CDC Process take?

Most development is affected by the requirements of Notify Neighbouring Properties. 

This consists of a 14 day pre-approval notification period, as well as a 7 day post approval, pre commencement period.

It is important to use this period to the best of your ability to get the relevant documentation and information in order with your certifier. 

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